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Understanding Geolocation & Device Identification

IP geolocation has become a de facto standard when it comes to transacting online, but that fact is the function of IP geolocation in fraud prevention has morphed over the past 5 years. Now merchants need to understand not only the role and potential of IP geolocation, but they also need to understand proxies, proxy detection, device identification and geo locating beyond the device.

In this training session these core technologies are discussed along with where they provide overlap and where they provide differentiation. The fundamental features, differences and similarities of each of these tools are discussed while describing how they work, who uses them and how to use their results. You will also learn how to discuss best practices with the use of each of these different technologies as well as how to explain and interpret the signals device identification, IP geolocation, proxy detection and mobile phone geo-locating can provide when used both individually and in combination.

Key Concepts Covered:

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After completing this course you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions:
(1) What are IP geolocation, proxy detection, device identification and mobile phone geo-locating? (2) How can these technologies work together to provide a better overall picture of an end user? (3) What are the functional differences between these tools and how are they differentiated in terms of uses and signals?

Training Objectives: (1) Describe the use cases for IP geolocation, proxy detection, device identification and mobile phone geo-locating. (2) Describe methods to incorporate and increase the value of these technologies within a risk strategy. (3) Discuss the uses and limitations of these technologies when used individually. (4) Discuss the signals that can be identified and how to use them when using device identification, IP geolocation, proxy detection and mobile phone geo-locating in conjunction with each other.

Expected time to complete training: 90 minutes (includes quizzes and exam)

Course Applicability:

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Prerequisites: This is an Intermediate course and requires some basic knowledge, training or experience on the subject matter to understand the course material.

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Online Training Course

Geolocation and Device Identification Online Training Course

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It was a fantastic experience, I really enjoyed it. Having tenure and experience in the industry, I found value getting this external exposure, it provides a new perspective.

D. Billings
eCommerce Certified Fraud Professional