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Introduction to Credit Card Chargebacks

Chargebacks and retrieval requests are a part of doing business if your company accepts credit cards, but many merchants and their staff lack the basic knowledge of what chargebacks and retrieval requests mean, what causes them and what to do about them. Simply ignoring chargebacks and retrieval requests can get a business into a lot of trouble which can even result in the loss of a merchant account and ability to accept credit card payments.

The Introduction to Credit Card Chargebacks course provides you with the basic knowledge you need to understand chargebacks, the four phase process which must be followed to dispute chargebacks, and how to manage chargebacks in your company. This course, intended for personnel responsible for managing chargebacks, explains each step of the chargeback process while citing the procedures, documentation and evidence the card associations deem most important when challenging a chargeback and responding to retrieval requests.

Key Concepts Covered:

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After completing this course you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions:
(1) What is a chargeback, a retrieval request, representment, arbitration? (2) How can we classify and differentiate chargebacks? (3) What supporting documentation is needed to dispute a chargeback, and is it the same for all of them? (4) What is the value of monitoring and reconciling a chargeback if I’m not disputing it?

Training Objectives: (1) Gain a fundamental understanding of what chargebacks and retrieval requests actually are. (2) Classify and distinguish the different types of chargebacks and their root cause. (3) Understand what steps to take following a chargeback, whether disputing it or preventing the customer from returning.

Expected time to complete training: 120 minutes (includes quizzes and exam)

Course Applicability:

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Prerequisites: As an introductory course there are no prerequisites or professional experience requirements to enroll in this course. However, we recommend you have a working knowledge of credit card payments as it is fundamental for this course topic, and the Introduction to eCommerce Credit Card Payments course provides this foundation.

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Online Training Course

Introduction to Credit Card Chargebacks Online Training Course

This online training course covers the essential information about chargebacks everyone on a risk team needs to know, from the manual review staff to the risk manager. The course defines chargebacks and other key terminology, details the representment process and discusses the evidence needed to dispute chargebacks and respond to retrieval requests.

The visual representation is very, very impressive - top notch. The flow charts and graphics break down technical and high level topics into easy to understand visual representations that can be applied to real business issues.

E. Gallo
Director of Global Risk Management, Retail Decisions