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Training Options Discussing Best Practices for Managing Fraud in a Business

If you are doing business in the CNP channel than you are at risk for fraud. The following online training programs from The Fraud Practice provide practical knowledge on how fraud affects business and how to better manage fraud in a CNP business. These programs focus on what goes into building a fraud mitigation program including things like building a fraud team and how to interact with them.

The Managing Fraud Related to ePayments in a Business course provides an executive overview and management perspectives on the theories, best practices and methods to manage fraud with electronic and CNP Payments. Topics discussed include the methods to measure the health of a risk mitigation program and methods to set a more productive mindset for risk mitigation in a company. But there are many instances where a business will consider Managed Services for CNP Fraud Prevention and would benefit by being able to define managed services with respect to their scopes of coverage and learning the best practices for evaluating such providers.

Manage Fraud Related to ePayments in a Business Online Training Course

Managing Fraud Related to ePayments in a Business

Introduction to Managed Services For CNP Fraud Prevention

Managing fraud is one side of the equation, but it is also crucial to consider The Impact of Fraud Controls on Sales Conversion. When overseeing a fraud mitigation program it is imperative to be able to convey the impacts of fraud controls on both sales conversion and user experience while being able to identify pain points causing lost sales and abandonment.

For any personnel in a team lead, supervisory or first line management role related to fraud mitigation, it is likely they support their team across multiple roles and functions. Individuals certified as an eCommerce Operations Specialist will obtain the information they need to be a more effective leader for their team by providing background training related to multiple operational roles related to fraud prevention, order screening and chargeback management.

Impact of Fraud Controls on Sales Conversion Online Training Course

The Impact of Fraud Controls on Sales Conversion

eCommerce Operations Specialist Certification Track